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Reproduction Mule Deer Chandelier (RS-11).

Diameter 26"-27"
Height 18"
Lights 6
Value $438.00

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The draw will take a place at the end of November.



Our November 2023 winner is Pegge & Pierre Berdahl from Roberts Creek BC

Our November 2022 winner is Shawna Kola from Bison, SD

Our November 2021 winner is Frederick Kowalski from Columbus, OH

Our November 2020 winner is James Dyk from Mission, BC

Our November 2019 winner is Mary Drake from Campbellton, NL

Our November 2018 winner is Bonnie Melichercik from Guelph, ON

Our November 2017 winner is Gabrielle MacKenzie from Gatineau, QC

Our November 2016 winner is Patricia Tersigni from Guelph, ON

Our November 2015 winner is Daniel Perwonski from Chicago, IL

Our November 2014 winner is Carol Savoi from Guelph, ON

Our November 2013 winner is Karen Blok from Langley, BC

Our November 2012 winner is John Tremblie from Austin, TX

Our November 2011 winner is Connie Marples, Surrey, BC

Our November 2010 winner is Lisa Monger from Colorado

Our November 2009 winner is Kevin Beaulieu from St. Catharines, CA


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