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Our Real Antler Chandeliers Are Available in Natural Brown or Sunbleached Antlers.

Please view our sunbleached chandeliers here..

CDN Antler Designs, Inc. is recognized as North Americas leading company for antler Chandeliers.

We been in this business for over 12 years and are proud to offer a wide selection to suit anyone’s taste and budget. In fact we offer more than 130 different fixtures and accessories.

All our lighting is made only from naturally shed antlers. Deer shed their antlers annually which are then gathered. The deer is not harmed or killed as the result. Antlers are also a renewable resource and therefore good for the environment.

Premium antler are used for our antler lighting. They are carefully chosen for size, curve and color insuring long lasting beauty and quality. Each antler chandelier is lovingly assembled by a highly trained and experienced member of our staff who take pride in their work. All wires are carefully threaded through the antlers and completely hidden. All bolts are countersunk and meticulously concealed for a flawless appearance. The beauty and durability of the chandeliers can make them a dramatic and immediate centerpiece to any home or business.

CDN's antler lights adorn thousands of private residences and vacation homes, retail spaces, clubs, casinos, restaurants and hotels. The chandeliers also appeared on stage on Broadway, movie sets and TV shows. They were fitured in numerous magazines such as In Style, Home and Garden, House & Home, and on the cover of Custom Homes, just to name a few.

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