Antler lighting including chandeliers, sconces, candelabras, antler lamps and shades

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Antler Lighting

Mule Deer Antler Chandeliers
Elk Antler Chandeliers
Fallow Deer Antler Chandeliers
White Tail Deer Antler Chandeliers

We are now offering many designs in antler lighting.  We have antler chandeliers, antler sconces, antler candelabras, antler lamps and shades.

Remember: When you buy an antler light, it is very important to make sure that the whole fixture, not just the components, are certified. Our real antler lighting and faux antler lights are certified to comply with the most stringent manufacturing and safety codes in the U.S. and Canada (CSA listed to comply with UL 1598). All wires and junction boxes are concealed within the antler lighting to enhance the beauty of the product.

Enjoy our antler light products!

Pool Table Antler Lights
Moose Antler Chandeliers
Antler Lights on Special
Antler Lights on Special
Reproduction Antler Chandeliers
White-Tail/Mule Deer Ceiling Fan Chandelier
Ceiling Antler Lights
Fallow / White Tail Deer Sconce with optional rawhide shades
Fallow / White-tail Deer Antler Sconce
Antler Table Lights