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Frequently Asked Questions.



How do I know which chandelier to get?
Nine out of ten times the decision comes down to size. There are guidelines to help determine the right size of chandelier for your room: Add width and length of room in feet and convert to inches (for example, if the room is 16' x 16' (16 + 16 = 32), the chandelier should be 32"Diameter. As far as height, 8 - 10 feet off the floor to the bottom of the chandelier is about right, so there is plenty of clearance underneath. If it is a dining room installation, then the size of the table should be taken into consideration (the chandelier should not overwhelm the table). For standard height ceilings (8') hang the fixture 30" above table. Add 3" per foot of height over and above that (10 ft ceiling = 36" space from table top to bottom of fixture). This guideline is a great starting point.


Do you wholesale?
We are the manufacturer which always guarantees a great price(!). In order to stay competitive we work on low margins so our prices are the same for everyone. When shopping around for antler lighting please make sure your are comparing the bottom line price. For instance, some manufacturers offer a 25%+ discount to the trade, but their bottom line price is still considerably higher. With CDN there are no minimum orders and we are always very competitively priced.


Can I install the chandelier outside?
The chandeliers are UL approved for indoor use only. The wiring that can sustain low temperatures is much thicker and there is just not enough space for it inside the antlers. If the fixture is located in a covered area and will not be exposed to the temperatures below freezing it can be done although not recommended. If you are in an area with cold temperatures the only way around this issue is to take the fixture down at the beginning of the cold season and put it back up in Spring.


Are your chandeliers CSA / UL certified?
Our chandeliers are certified to comply with the most stringent manufacturing and safety codes in the U.S. and Canada (CSA listed to comply with UL 1598).


Are your wires and junction boxes concealed?
Yes. Some companies glue there wires on top of the antler. This is quick, cheap, and very noticeable. We drill the antler and run all the wiring inside so all you see is the natural beauty of the antler


What is the wattage of bulbs I can use?
Our real antler chandeliers approved for up to 60 Watt bulbs, reproduction chandeliers for up to 40 Watt bulbs. The downlights use R14 series 40 Watt bulbs.


Do you have to kill deer to get the antlers from them?
No. Deer, moose and elk shed antlers every year. It is an eco friendly, natural, renewable resource.


Can I ship / bring in my own antlers if I would like to have them used in one of your lights?
Yes, sometimes. It takes such a large selections of antlers to find the ones that fit together just perfectly. Most people do not have enough antlers to do so.


What is the difference between real and reproduction antlers?
Real antlers come from deer, elk and moose. They are shed annually and then collected. Reproduction antlers are made from a high quality resin and handstained for a natural look.

International Shipping
We ship worldwide.
For Canadian customers we ship from our manufacturing facilities in Canada so there is no duty or brokerage fees applicable.
For orders outside North America please email us for a freight quote. Please be sure to include the item you are interested in, your full address and postal code..

What is the difference between types of antler?

a. White Tail Deer antlers are dense. They have a sharp curve in them and are usually lighter in color. Chandeliers made with white tail will be thick and heavy. The average antler length is about 1 foot so making large chandeliers with them is often impractical since many antlers are needed; they become very and expensive rather quickly. North American Native.

b. Mule Deer antlers are the most common deer antlers you will see. They are brown in color. They have a slight curve in them but are straighter than white tail. Chandeliers can be built to much larger sizes with mule deer antlers. This is the best all-purpose antler to work with. Average length is about 2 feet. North American Native.

c. Fallow Deer antlers are a European import from Spain. They are very dark brown in color and are palmated. Many people think of them as small moose. Their deep rich color and flowing palmation make a very elegant piece. They are very expensive antlers. Average length is about 2.5 feet.

d. Elk antlers are another very common antler used for chandeliers. They are brownish red in color and are long and straight. They range in size from about 2.5 feet to 5 feet long. A great antler for large chandeliers. North American Native.

e. Moose antlers are also very dense. I have seen many carvings out of moose antler that have been polished up to look like ivory. Moose is naturally a large, dark brown antler. A large moose antler can be about 3 foot by 3 foot in size. This makes very large chandeliers. North American Native.


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